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2-wheeled containers

Material and durability

The container is manufactured with an injecting method, of a low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE),  material whose physical and chemical properties guarantee a very high resistance to the effects of the changing weather conditions, mechanical damage and chemical substances. The container is resistant to the effects of UV rays.


The container is distinguished by a low noise level during its usage – filling in, emptying, towing.
The container is fitted with a suspension system: two noiseless wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, fitted on a steel axle.
The body of the container is fitted with a comb-lift bar which makes it possible to empty the container by dustcarts with comb lifting devices.
The container’s lid is fitted with a handle for opening and two handles which facilitate towing.
The smoothness of the internal walls and rounded corners ensure easy emptying, fast cleaning and easy maintenance of hygiene.


Wide range of colours:   kol_zielony.gif green,  kol_niebieski.gif blue,  kol_szary.gif gray,  kol_czarny.gif anthracite,  kol_brazowy.gif brown,  kol_zolty.gif yellow,  kol_czerwony.gif red.


Possibility of adapting the container to selective waste collection: PAPER, GLASS, PLASTIC. Lid lock, lid opening pedal.


Possibility of applying a logo on the body, text on the lid, sequence of container numbers:

  • hot-stamping method
  • engraving text on the lid

The dyes we use do not contain cadmium or lead.