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Approvals and certificates

Products offered by Kazar are distinguished by their high quality. They are safe and meet all formal and legal requirements that allow products to be used on the territory of the European Union.

Atesty i certyfikaty

Detailed information on certificates, standards and approvals:

  1. DIN – generally accepted short form for the standard (norm) established by the Deutsches Institut für Normung – the German Institute for Standardization 
  2.  NF – Certification mark of „AFNOR CERTIFICATION”, awarded by the AFNOR Group from France
  3. CE mark – the marking and conditions for using the CE mark have been established by the European Commission. By using the CE marking, the manufacturer or its representative in the EU declares that the given product conforms to the safety provisions established by the directives of the European Commission.
  4. EN 840 standard – a European standard concerning wheeled waste containers. It defines requirements in the field of employees' safety and health, operating requirements, as well as requirements concerning measurements and construction.
  5. Approval by the National Institute of Hygiene – hygienic approval of the National Institute of Hygiene, issued by the Hygiene department. The approval confirms that the offered products meet the relevant hygienic requirements.