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About company

Kazar’s mission is delivery of the highest-quality solutions which contribute to natural environmental protection as well as propagating ecological awareness. We provide our corporate and individual customers with 2- and 4-wheeled containers, street bins, recycling containers as well as specialist containers. All products offered by us conform to the standards and have certificates required in the European Union.

We reach public waste collectors, town and local goverments, industrial plants, as well as garden shops and individual customers.
Our knowledge and will to develop meets the recognition of consumers. In 2005, we won the award - Złoty Laur Klienta 2005 (Gold Laurel for Customer Recognition 2005) awarded by Przegląd Gospodarczy.

We have been present on the market since 2004. Our approach and skills translate into the trust of our partners and customers; and this results in dynamically increasing sales.

Out of avocation for the care of the environment, we try to predict future trends and adjust our offer to the increasing ecological awareness.
Out of the care for ecological education and the future of our natural environment, Kazar willingly supports actions that increase pro-ecological awareness.

We invite kindergartens, schools, public institutions and ecological organisations to contact our office.